Fabric Protection

If you are having your furniture cleaned, have you considered having a fabric protector applied at the same time.?


Have your furniture protected at the same time as it is cleaned

for a 50% saving on the protector.

If you have just purchased, or are about to purchase new furniture, why not have a

quality, Australian manufactured, fabric protector

applied to help prevent permanent staining and keep your furniture looking newer, longer.

We have been applying fabric protector in Cairns for over three decades,

having been trained originally by 3M Australia with their Scotchgard brand of protection.

Most stores will offer a “fabric protector” that may be applied by a junior store-man

or new employee that has been told “how to do it” by his/her boss.

This can at times be a “hit & miss” affair depending on their training and dedication to the job.

We have your interest at heart.

Indeed, we have been cleaning and applying our fabric protector  on the same furniture now

for nearly TWO DECADES on a yearly basis, to one very particular client.

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