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Fabric Panel Cleaning in Cairns

When a work environment looks great, it feels great & it shows!

Fabric Panels are great looking but when they get scuffed, marked, and spilled on, an office environment can look dull and depressing.

There is also another downside to Fabric Panels.

This is the impact on staff employed in these areas.

Unsightly fabric panels can leave a lasting “first impression” on visitors.

How do your panels look to your clients when they visit you ?

Now you no longer have to put up with unsightly fabric panels.

We can come to your place of business after hours so that your staff are not interrupted and restore these panels to pristine condition for you.

Our Perpetual Care ® for Fabric Panels will keep them looking great all the time.

Let us brighten up your office and help improve the I.A.Q. by cleaning your Fabric Panels.

Our word is your guarantee

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