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Picture below is waste water from a

SCHOOL class-room that had FLOTEX installed.

Do you have FLOTEX installed?

Flotex is legendary as the unique durable, practical and washable textile floor covering which has not been emulated during the 40 years since its conception.

For areas where durability and hygiene are just as important as appearance retention, Flotex is the preferred option.

Flotex uniquely combines the benefits of a smooth resilient floor and carpet into a single solution.

Traditional carpets are not waterproof and are made of loops and twists that trap dirt and stains.

Carpeted floors are prone to tracking due to pile-crush, shabby soiled appearance, wear down easily and get replaced mid-life due to the “ugly out syndrome”; but Flotex doesn’t.

Flotex is warm, quiet and safe to walk on just like a carpeted floor!

Because of the unique construction and 100% synthetic materials used in Flotex, cleaning tests have convinced the National Asthma Council Australia and Asthma & Respiratory Foundation of New Zealand to endorse Flotex.

It has been accepted into their Sensitive Choice program – traditional carpets do not meet these program’s stringent criteria.

With Flotex you are no longer restricted to smooth, cold, hard floor coverings in your home or place of work.

There are  considerations to consider when having your FLOTEX cleaned.

FLOTEX is NOT a traditional carpet and cannot be cleaned in the same manner using the same cleaning products.

Shorty has been trained in the cleaning and maintenance of FLOTEX for many years and is the only carpet cleaner recognised by Karndean Australia for the Cairns – Port Douglas – Tablelands – Mission Beach regions.

If your current carpet cleaner has not been doing justice to your FLOTEX, call Shorty today for an obligation free consultation.

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