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Christmas & the New Year celebrations are now over,

how are your office furnishings looking ?

Just think, you & your staff probably spend about eight hours a day sitting down.

That’s approximately 2,080 hours per year of soiling from possibly sweaty hands, food & drink spills etc; building up in the fabric that no-one notices.

After a while, this odour starts to permeate the office, but no-one notices it.

This is because those in the workplace tend not to notice it as it gradually builds up & gets stronger.

It shortly enters the air-conditioning system and goes throughout all of the offices.

But many still do not notice it.

A potential client enters your office, & they immediately notice the odour.

Right then, a decision could be made about your business and whether or not they still wish to do business with you.

Leather furniture is also susceptible to this problem, which we also can rectify for you.

Cairns Commercial Carpet Care

presents a cleaner, greener way to clean

Typical steam cleaning, (hot water extraction), can easily consume 200 litres or more of clean water to clean 100 square metres of carpet.

By comparison, if that same carpet were cleaned using our encapsulation method, the cleaning would only consume about 20 litres of water.

That’s about 10% of the water consumption of steam cleaning, (hot water extraction).

Put another way, that’s about 90% savings in water dollars.

How many square metres of carpet are in your premises?

Also, after the hot water extraction has been completed, the formerly clean water that is now contaminated with chemical and soil from the carpet gets discharged into a sewer outlet.

With our encapsulation system, the dry soil is extracted from the carpet during the post-vacuuming process that ends up in the vacuum cleaner bag.

The affect this has on the environment is negligible.

Additional impact to the environment occurs with typical steam cleaning when a truck-mount system is used, including fossil fuel (diesel/petrol) consumption, and the emission of carbon monoxide through engine exhaust, not to mention the noise it creates.

By comparison, our encapsulation system is performed using a very quiet machine with an electric motor running on a standard 10 amp electrical circuit.

With our system, water consumption is drastically reduced, there’s no waste water, and the cleaning agents are safe for the environment.

Our encapsulation shampoos are safe for the environment

Our encapsulation shampoos are biodegradable and non-hazardous to the environment as well as being Woolsafe Certified by the Woolsafe Organisation worldwide.

Ruining the world we live in should not be a side-effect of carpet cleaning.

Let’s play our part for our children, by conserving what we have and creating less pollution.

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